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HAZARDOUS TREE REMOVAL (In Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough and all surrounding Counties and Towns, Perry Tree Service has specialized in Hazardous Tree Removal since 1993. A hazardous tree is, other than one you can't enjoy:
I.  One which leans over your house or your neighbor's house(s) or out buildings, play areas etcetera.
II. One which has rot anywhere on the trunk. 
    A. A tree which has carpenter ants.
        1. Carpenter ants are large (3/8" in length) and black.
        2. Carpenter ants aren't always visible. 
           a. They may be present if you have an unusually large number of dead or dying branches. This could also be root-rot and/or limb-rot.
           b. A dying branch is one whose limbs' leaves are brown. A dead branch will sometimes hold its leaves, even through winter, when                 other limbs and trees are shedding theirs.
           c. If a branch or branches on a deciduous (trees that lose their leaves in Autumn) tree have brown leaves but the rest of the tree is bare,                   you may have an infestation and a hazardous tree.
III.Hazardous trees aren't always obvious. This is one of many good reasons (listed below) to call Perry Tree Service to schedule an assessment.
     A.Some Danger /Threat Assessment Reasons to Call Perry Tree Service For an Are:
         1. A I said, hazardous trees aren't always obvious and easy to spot, a walk through should be free and should be done every two years.
            a. Insect infestation takes a trained eye to spot/diagnose.
            b. Limb rot can sometimes show only on the tops of branches. If your yard has a large natural area, you may have too much moisture. If                     you have fungi growing on any part of a tree (especially if it's a large, mature, deciduous tree) it may need to be climbed for a                               thorough examination.
         2. It is a good idea to do a thorough walk-thru, preferably with a professional, every three or four years if you have a lot of wooded area(s)                on  your property. This is a good way to make sure that dead trees and unwanted saplings are caught before they can do damage or grow              into an expensive-to-remove tree, respectively.
     B. Keeping Your Trees Beautiful and Healthy
         1. Your trees are an integral part of your property value and your neighbor's as well. When a tree is wrecked by a storm and we remove it, I                 put a value of the tree on your invoice. This value is written off your income tax---Because trees are valuable AND valued.
         2. Beautiful, safe trees are an important part of enjoying your yard. If you're raising a family, trees grow with your children. Kids love to                   climb trees. Get the joystick or remote out of their hands and show them some fun--Old School! Build a tree-fort. (Go online to see how to             do it without harming the tree. You can even hire us to build, or help build one...we love that stuff!). Hang a rope-swing (We can hang one             waaaay up there). No kid should grow up without a tire to swing on! Put up a hammock. Hide it for yourself. The point is to enjoy a safe                 and beautiful yard. And we can help. We'd love to!    Just give Mark with Perry Tree Service a call: (919) 968-9469