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TREE TRIMMING/PRUNING: The proper way to care for and safeguard your trees is through professional tree trimming or pruning rather than topping, which can kill a tree and leaves it ugly if it survives. Pruning reduces "sail" and weight. Reducing sail means your trees catch less wind and thus are less likely to break or uproot in a storm. Same goes for trimming/pruning to reduce weight: less likely to fail in a storm. Storm damage clean-up is a lot more expensive than proper trimming/pruning. Not only do you save your trees, you save your house from storm damage. Now, of course, no amount of tree care can make your trees "storm-proof," (No one can predict which trees will come down in a hurricane, but thousands do. And even more stay standing, usually) but you greatly reduce the risk of storm damage. Also, proper pruning/trimming of your tree, especially ornamentals such as Dogwoods, Red Buds, Blossoming Cherry Trees and Crepe Myrtles (some of which are often topped by tree co.'s and landscapers, ruining their chance to mature into the sculpture-like beauties they can be with professional trimming/pruning methods) can help keep up and even add to your property value. We also sell and install ornamentals to customers who've had trees removed and want something to fill the void. We also sell to people who just want to beautify their yards without breaking the bank. The increase in the value of your home when you add a little landscaping greatly outweighs the cost of adding some color and shade and coverage. As part of being a tree service we are branching out into some landscaping design and installation. Need hedges trimmed? We do that too! Call Mark at Perry Tree Service at (919)-968-9469 (Where the phone is physically in my pocket, not at a call center!)