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          TODAY IS DECEMBER 3RD, 2019 and it's cold and wet. We are expecting a wet Winter which means uprooted trees when we get strong straight line winds or gusts. In Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough and surrounding towns call 919-968-9469 (the phone in my pocket) to schedule an assessment/estimate. Also WE HAVE *SEASONED FIREWOOD* DELIVERED IN CHAPEL HILL, CARRBORO AND NORTHERN CHATHAM COUNTY.         **IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY, SUCH AS FALLEN LIBS OR TREES, CALL AND YOU WILL GET TOP PRIORITY**




                               (If you can see soil (heaving) moving at the base of the tree, it may need attention)! Go Panthers! 

              I'm the owner and my cell number (the phone in my pocket right now; a number I've had since it was a landline in '93) is 919-968-9469

Perry Tree Service is a complete tree service. This means we offer everything from huge and/or hazardous tree removal to the expert pruning/TRIMMING of delicate ornamentals-such as Japanese Maples, Crepe Myrtles, dogwoods and blossoming cherry trees. Other services we preform include, to name a few:   I). NEW TREE SALES and INSTALLATION: Call us; Perry Tree Service, [email protected] Many of my clients who've had trees removed will have one or more ornamentals installed in the same areas as the dead, dangerous or undesirable trees which were removed. A HAZARDOUS TREE CAN BE ONE WHICH: A). Leans toward a house, parking or driveway or play area. B). Has rot, missing bark or dead limbs or one which always seems to lose limbs, especially in storms. AN UNDESIRABE TREE is one which A). Threatens SEPTIC TANKS and drainage systems with its roots. B). Is too close to a house or other building, threatening its FOUNDATION with root growth. C). Has limbs too close to or touching a home allowing in RODENTS AND INSECTS and promoting moisture and ROOF-ROT. Adding ornamental trees is an inexpensive way to beautify. And, it increases the value of your property!  

II). YARD CLEAN-UP/JUNGLE-TAMING: Makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!: If you have natural areas in your yard or live next to a wooded area, you know all about dead trees (both standing and fallen), undergrowth, vines and OUR personal favorites; POISON IVY & THORNY BRAMBLE! (Which is worse? You tell me!) Well, we will come to your rescue and cut down, pull up, rip out (whatever it takes!) all the things that prevent you from enjoying your yard and outdoor space. We like leaving it looking like a park floor. You'll finally be able to see the FORREST and/for THE TREES!

III). STORM DAMAGE and CLEAN-UP: Call PERRY TREE SERVICE 919-968-9469 No one wants the mess left behind by a storm. We pride ourselves on rapid response and evaluation. If we perceive an immediate threat to property, we will do all we can to secure the situation right away. If people are in danger we will surely let you know so you can make arrangements to be in a safe place (IF YOU'VE SUFFERED SEVERE TREE DAMAGE TO YOUR HOME or PROPERTY, CALL A PROFESSIONAL AND GET SAFELY AWAY! DOWNED TREES ARE VERY UNPREDICTABLE, as it's difficult to tell which side of the tree is under stress and which is compressed to an untrained and sometimes even the most seasoned arborist, which is why we safely and systematically make slow, deliberate approach cuts; to evaluate which way the pressure lies, to quote a Led Zeppelin lyric). Sometimes trees land on roofs and often a crane is required to remove them. (We removed hundreds of trees from the roofs of homes after Fran and did so without further damaging a single home! This is something my crew and I are very grateful for and proud this day our perfect safety record remains in tact. NOW; there are some things you can do to help keep your trees from falling from breakage, uproot etc. These are covered below, (and elsewhere on our website) in "PRUNING."

IV). TREE TRIMMING?PRUNING: Call Mark w/PERRY [email protected] We will check your trees for deadwood, cross-limbs, "sail" etc. A). Deadwood or dead limbs can be deceptively heavy and can break at any time; in the winter they can be hard to spot by the untrained eye, which is one reason (of several) to get a danger/threat assessment every two or three years, depending on how wooded your property is. B). A professional pruning 1). Removes "suckers" (the new growth of leaves and tiny branches) from the interior of the tree. 2). Removes crossed-up limbs from the interior. 3). Removes excess weight and "sail," using the "drop-crotching" and "rule-of-thirds" methods (instead of topping and truncating, which is lopping off a branch mid-limb with no one-third-diameter limb for nutrient support). This leaves the tree less top-heavy and catching less wind giving it the best chance to survive a storm, undamaged. Another advantage to having an expert do your tree pruning/trimming is that while the climber is in the tree he/she can spot signs of illness and limb rot which may require tree removal. It may not be the tree they're in, either; a climber has the advantage of the view of other trees which may need attention you can't see from the ground. Anything from feeding to pruning to tree removals can be better diagnosed and prescribed from the climber's high vantage point.

V). HAZARDOUS and/or UNDESIRABLE TREES: Call the [email protected] Tree Service, Mark 919-968-9469 We remove hazardous and undesirable trees. A). A hazardous tree is one which is dead, dying, rotting, leaning dangerously or one whose roots either threaten to, or, are already, damaging the foundation or basement and/or, by its close proximity to a structure, is allowing insects or furry critters access to the roof, vents or windows. Now, while the latter can also promote moisture and roof rot, it can often be remedied with skilled, strategic pruning, rather than removal. B). Examples of undesirable trees could be sapling undergrowth, trees which block out needed sunlight, or those you find aesthetically displeasing. As for the  latter, I offer this true story: Very early one Sunday morning a builder called me and said he had emergency work for me, that I'd be well paid and could I come right away? When I got there the man wanted me to fell an oak which had to be a hundred and fifty years old. He would, otherwise have to build his sub-division main road around it. This was in Carrboro and it was obvious why he'd called me on a Sunday morning: He wanted this done "quietly." This was the summer after Fran and I'd volunteered for the towns of Chapel Hill & Carrboro during clean-up. So, I had an easy way to contact the mayors. I did and the tree is still there (as of 5/2014). I remove poplar and gum and pines, locust and giant vines etc. because they fall into the undesirable category, all the time. Maples, ash, ironwoods, even oaks. Am I a tree-hugger? Yes. Will I do your tree removals? Absolutely. But, I won't kill a HEALTHY, centuries old tree for someone's garden let alone someone's bottom line.

VI). CAT RESCUE/TREED CAT RESCUE: Cat rescues take top priority. If your cat is stuck in a tree, I will come to the rescue. Just call my cell: Mark (919) 968-9469.

VII). VETERANS, FIRST RESPONDERS and TEACHERS: Let me know that you're an teacher, first responder or veteran AFTER you receive your estimate and I'll knock 10% off my price. Thank you all for what you do, will do, and especially, have done!